13 Things I’ve Learned Not Speaking: Day 6

Of course all of this applies to yesterday but I’m posting on what is considered DAY 6!! That means only TWO more full days. Technically I CAN talk today but because the doc said it would be great if I could hold off until my appointment, I’m going to keep going. Praying for a FULL recovery and then some!

Yesterday was tough early on as you’ll see but it didn’t take long for it to look up. You learn to adapt to the situation and continue to laugh (without sound).

In no particular order…

1. It gets frustrating for me when people say they understand when there is no way they can unless they were in my shoes. Same thing goes for other situations. We tend to say the two words that may sting the most for someone who is going through something – I understand. Whether it is difficult in your eyes or not, it is something to them.

2. I have resorted to texting inside my house or using a word document on my computer. I type fastest but anything is faster than me trying to write legibly, quickly.

3. I over enunciate when I’m trying to get people to read lips. Apparently, it makes it more difficult.

4. Crying starts early on a day that everyone is home. Like I said, it’s just harder.

5. At one point, I typed into my phone, “God, please fix this feeling of frustration for us all. I feel helpless.” I’ve thought more often during this experience about those who are not able to verbally express something they need to say or how they feel.

6. I knew this before but had a reminder today that “It’s the simple, common-sense acts of love that make the difference.”

7. My tongue is sore and glands swollen. Guess that’s part of recovery?

8. Yes and No questions are sometimes best. This is true even for the day-to-day. Think about who you’re asking, why and if a lengthy answer is really required. We should always try to consider if a simple Yes or No is sufficient or if further explanation is needed.

9. I just now realized that I don’t remember getting dressed after surgery. I had to ask Jared if I dressed myself. He said I came out dressed. Hmmmm. I seriously don’t remember any part of getting dressed!

10. My husband thinks it’s comical to make up what I’m trying to say (even though in reality he’s already figured it out).

11. You can’t hear me by scooting closer (Aubrey).

12. Sometimes you forget you aren’t supposed to talk.

13. When you realize that you can talk, you do start sneaking in a few words here and there.