13 Things I’ve Learned Not Speaking: Day 7 (Church Edition)

Yesterday was a little easier than I expected. It was nice to get out of the house especially to be at my church with lots of friendly faces and hugs. Some moments were hard, but for the most part, it was a really good day!

1. Jared thinks it’s funny to ask me if I’m sure I’m okay to drive since I can’t talk. Really?

2. My throat gets dry even just lip synching!

3. Not talking at is difficult at church but equally as comical as it can be at home.

4. A dry erase board is good to send messages to your friends on stage. It may have been Tim‘s idea but caught Fawn‘s attention 

5. Thinking back to #1, he may be right. I do talk to other drivers sometimes. Of course, I only educate them on safe driving tips 

6. You can’t talk back to the woman in the next stall.

7. People at church take on the same traits as my family members knowing that I can’t speak…they lean in, talk louder, nod or gesture as if they’re the ones who can’t speak. It’s quite funny!

8. You can “yell” SURPRISE on a dry erase board.

9. My friend Robin is really easy to have a conversation with on a white board. Not to mention, she does not use any of the gestures mentioned in #7 either.

10. It’s going to be a long six weeks of not singing 

11. My family (and my church family) really love me 

12. Every time I lean over to give Jared a kiss in church, he thought I was trying to whisper to him. It made us both laugh.

13. It was nice to sneak in some words to my two loves and a few friends.