For You, My Daughter

I want you to be strong, yet sensitive; Confident, yet humble.

I see you like me, only better, wiser, more capable of handling what life throws at you.

I love…

your personality…

your drive…

your decision to not worry what others think…

your hesitation to be the center of attention…

I know there are times when I hover.  It’s because I love you.

There are times when I tell you what you need to do in a situation, when it all actuality, you already know the right thing to do.

Your choices are wise.  You care about others, but you stand proud of who you are.  I love that about you too.

Sometimes, when I give you advice, it comes out as a lecture, I don’t mean to.

I feel like I’m talking to a younger version of myself–and that scares me.

You say you want to be like me?

Well I’d love nothing more than to for you to be where I am right now.


Because I’m happy and blessed.

But I don’t want you to go about it the way I did.  I don’t want you to face the harshness of life and see yourself making bad decision after bad decision.  I don’t want you to feel like a failure at times and struggle to make it to the next day.

But even still, every struggle was worth it just to be where I am today.

I want you to stay strong.  I want you to see the end result way ahead of time so that you know, every choice matters.

It’s just as easy to make the wrong decision as it is the right one…it’s just the outcome that is different.  

You see, I want what’s best for you and, although at times I think I know what that is, there’s someone else that knows even better than I do.

He’s got your back when I don’t even know that you need someone there.  He knows when you’re at a bridge and aren’t sure if you should cross it.  He is in your heart, on your shoulder, guiding your steps and always, always, always letting you know whether or not you’re headed in the right direction.

I may not always have the right words to say, but He does.

I may not have always made the best choices, but He has shown me the way.

I may not always set the best example, but He does.

I know you are made for so much.  I know that you are going to leave a legacy and it’s starting right now.  You have shoes to fill but God will give them to you when it’s time.

You have purpose.

You have reason.

Most of all, you have love.  My heart is yours.  My life is where it is because I wanted more for you.  God showed me the way, but you made me see the bigger picture.  Without even knowing it, you lit my path so that no one could ever take my focus again.

I wanted more for you – so I became better for you.  I won’t always be perfect.  We won’t always see eye to eye.  And we certainly won’t always agree.  But one thing is for sure…

I love you more than words can say…

I love you to the moon and back…

I love you most!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

All those sayings and so many, many more, were created for you.  And this, this is for you.  My life, my love, my heart, my direction, my best.  God gave me you so that YOU can live for Him.  So that you could fulfill your  purpose through Him.

He’s showing me my way too.  Every, single day, he shows me a new direction.  He leads me down a path and gives me the opportunity to make a difference.  I chose Him.  I will continue to choose Him.  Because without Him, I can’t be who I need to be for you.

So this is it.  These words from my heart, they’re for you.  I hope you know how much I care.  How much love I have for you.  But most importantly, I hope I show you every day how important God is.

I can guide as much as I’d like but God is your go-to person – now and always.  He’s going to be there at the times when I’m not and long after I’m gone.  One day, all my words, all our time, will be a distant memory.  God will be here to see you through.  He’ll show you how to be, how to live, how to feel free.  Trust in Him.  That still, small voice in your heart will always let you know when you’re doing right.

Follow His lead.

Know He is good.

Just as He says to me when I struggle, I’ll say to you right now–these words are for you, my daughter.  Listen to them with open ears.  Watch what He can do with an open mind.  Open your heart to all the opportunities that through Him, are possible.

I love you.