You Decide

I truly believe that there are times we focus so much on what’s going on around us, that we fail to see what’s directly in front of us.

Do you find that to be the case in your life?

Be honest.  Is there something that you wished you had noticed sooner – with your husband, your wife, children, family, friends?

Are you creating moments, or are you missing out on them because something else has your attention?

Here’s the thing to remember…we may be in this world but we are not of this world.  We are affected by the many things going on in our cities, our states, country, world – HOWEVER – we  should not to succumb to ignorance in our own lives in order to understand what’s going on with another’s.

Be informed –  but don’t let it consume you.

At this very moment, what can you do about the gas prices?

What about that person who is tailgating you?

How about the dozens of wrongdoings in our city alone, monopolizing the news first thing in the morning or last at night?

Each of these things are different.  Some with more weight on them than others, but equally as thought consuming…if we let them be.

Is there anything you can do about it this morning?  What about this evening?  Tomorrow?

How about your attitude right now?  Are you letting yourself be affected by gas prices, even though you still need to fill up your tank? How about that idiot driver?  (sorry, sometimes you just have to say it!)  If you let them take your mood, they win!  Do you really want that?

Then there’s the last thing…a bit more complex and significant to many, however, equally as thought consuming.  We can work for change in our communities.  We can fight for issues that are taking a hold of our next generation.  We can argue with one another on topics that we’re passionate about.  AND we can stand against these wrongdoings – share our ideas, our thoughts and our feelings.  When do we lose?  We lose when we let these things take control.  When we lose sight of the very things that are right in front of us.

Sometimes the greatest change begins right here, right now, within ourselves.  Want better for your family?  Do right by them.  Set a good example.  Don’t give them the impression that everything else is more important than they are.  Make a difference in your own home, then you will have a larger army to stand beside you, when you need it most.

You’ll never get today back.

You’ll never be able to relive yesterday.

You can’t make a choice for someone.

You can’t think for another.

Stop feeling like the world is against you and get it to work for you.

How can you do this?

It’s simple.

Stop letting it control your mind!  Don’t give it half the attention you do, but simply learn what information you need, act appropriately if action is needed and then see what you can do first inside yourself before trying to get into the mind of someone else.

Complaining won’t fix a thing.  I promise!  Going to the clerk and telling them how you just can’t believe the price is so high for a gallon of gas will not change the price – it is what it is.  You know what?  That clerk has to pay for the same gas you do to get to work to listen to someone complain about something they already know.

Can they change it for you? NO!  So why are you talking about it?

My challenge to you today is this – decide where your focus should be and KEEP IT THERE!  Don’t let another’s treatment of you determine how you feel about yourself.  Don’t let a situation you can’t change affect your mood the rest of the day.  And certainly don’t let the actions of your past make you feel like you can’t make a difference choice today.

You have a choice – to be or not to be.  That really is the question!

Do you want to be happy, pleasant and a blessing to others or not?

You decide!