What’s Your Superpower?

As children we dream of having super powers. We want to fly, to be invisible, or do anything to take out the villains in this world. There are people we look up to and maybe even still to this day. Maybe your superhero is Spiderman, Cat Woman, your mom or dad. Whatever the case, they possess a quality that you have always admired.

The truth is, you all possess unique qualities that you may not even realize are being admired by others. You never go unnoticed. You might read that and think, “She’s crazy.” Unfortunately we live in such a prejudice society that assumptions are made almost as soon as we see people.

With all the judgment out there, it’s hard to recognize that we are able to hold the greatest superpower…the power to be seen. With that comes great responsibility. You don’t want to be the person people look at and think, “Wow, have they ever heard of a shower?” OR “Wow, that is no way to talk to a co-worker.” Take a hold of who you are and embrace your ability to display the polite, courteous, compassionate, and well kept person you truly are. First impressions are often everything to some. Make sure your’s is a good one because you never know whose hero you might be.

Challenge: Embrace the power to be seen! Don’t let others dull your sparkle, and display the unique qualities that you have.

Written by Aubrey Stuart, with a few additions by Mom 😉