Life Happens

We never know what’s in store for us until it arrives. It may arrive as a tiny, little package wrapped in a bow or a shoebox full of cards. We may open a door only to find what we hoped for was lost or what we had, now gone. Happy or sad, trial or triumph, we must remember it’s all for our good.

We’ll never understand the reason behind everything, but someone will. Someday all of the reasons we’ve gone through tribulation in our lives will make sense. For out of our troubles often come blessings for others. In our weakness, somehow others find strength.

Life isn’t going to be easy every single day, but it can be a blessing. It’s all in how you look at each situation, each moment, each battle. Your reaction to them all is what others will see. It is through your strength that others will begin to see light in the darkness.

I am blessed to have some amazing people in my life who truly believe in taking a hold of what life has handed them, regardless of what it is. They take it, deal with it and eventually, move on. Enjoying the journey along the way is what makes the hard times less difficult. When they arrive, it’s almost as if we feel prepared.