God Equips the Called

I have been purposely staying away from social media. I’ve noticed that it tends to be an unwelcome distraction, putting me into “moods” that I can’t quite explain. I am happy, healthy, and very thankful for the life I have, yet scrolling through the pages and stories, we can all find ourselves getting wrapped up in the lives of those around us. We are in a vulnerable state these days, knowingly allowing ourselves to fall victim to the mentality that ordinary isn’t extraordinary. I’m on a journey to make it known that my ordinary IS extraordinary, which is why I’m back this morning.  

Next week I will take the stage at church to speak to middle and high school students. First of all, I’m sure there are a few of you who have known me for years who will be surprised by this. I have been fearful for most of my life to be on stage. God made me a writer, NOT a speaker. When I want to convey my feelings or say something profound, I write it down. It’s why I started a blog several years ago and also why my home office is filled with dozens of journals. The very thought of standing in front of a crowd made me nervous. Aside from the times I stood on a small stage with a beer in my hand, singing karaoke, I would have never pictured myself being a part of a group on a stage, much less standing alone on one.

Six months or so ago, I joined the worship team at church. Two things I love stood a far better chance at helping me overcome my fear than any courage I could muster up on my own. God and music. That’s it.

A friend told me many years ago that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. So I guess you could say, God has been preparing me for this moment on stage for some time now. From all the decisions I made many years ago, to the countless hours of writing, from the times I used beer courage to step foot on stage, to the God confidence that calls me to sing there today, I FINALLY feel like the fear is gone. He has been equipping me all this time to do something I would never have been able to do in my own strength alone.

I guess what I’m trying to share this morning is that you can’t be continue to be held back by the things that scare you. What you’ve been fearful of for so long might just be what God is trying to build on in you now.

I saw a church sign last night that said this:

“Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.”

For all those times you’ve struggled, take note. Who you are now isn’t who you were then. Use your lessons, take hold of your fears, and be who you were called to be.