Faith Through the Flooding

This was a difficult time for many.  The flooding brought with it destruction, devastation and heartbreak.  For some, it wasn’t about displacement but inconvenience.  For others, it wasn’t about loss but about impatience.

At a time such as this, when one could choose to have an attitude of gratitude, instead, focuses were on the traffic, the cancellations, the things we weren’t able to do because of the flooding.  I just nodded my head as a lady referred to our “island” just as so many had done before…making a joke of it all, while all I could think about was how blessed I was to be one of those who lived on said island.

How quickly we forget about those in need when we have to take detours — when we have to sit in traffic — when we can’t do all the things we want to do but have all we could ever need.  Sure, I’ll admit that I was bummed about all the school days missed, but I prayed about the outcome and I know that God will come through in His way.

We made the most of our days together — enjoying free lunches out, getting caught up on some things, sleeping in a little.  My husband went to work in the city each day, despite the continued rumors that there was no way out.

People made excuses for their poor attitudes, shared in complaints, joining together to talk about how inconvenient this all was when so many have lost so much.

As the waters recede, I’d like you to take a few minutes to reflect on this past week.  Did you spend more time complaining than you did helping?  Did you feel more sorry for yourself than for those who truly experienced loss?  What have you learned that you can take from this week to share with the next generation?

Let’s stop complaining about the rainy days when they’re few and far between.

Let’s not focus on what is a momentary inconvenience when so many others are hurting.

Let’s take some time to give back when we can instead of staying to ourselves.

The next time you start to get frustrated and feel the need to complain, think about those who really have something to complain about.  Most of them aren’t wasting their time talking, they’re getting their hands dirty.  Maybe you should to.