I’m beginning this section during a period of silence.  To say it’s elected would be a lie.  I haven’t decided to fast talking or give it up for a time but rather I was told to following surgery on my vocal chords to remove a cyst.  The surgery was called a microlaryngoscopy with excision and, although outpatient, did require me to be completely under anesthesia with a breathing tube and make you feel funny medicine.

Not even 24-hours later, I have learned a lot and decided that, as a writer, it would be important to document this period of silence.

I have full expectations that God will use this time for good.  I already feel less like I’m going to miss out on something and more like I’m going to learn a something or two.  Some people are writers, some are talkers, some are neither but I am both.  Time to hone in on one while I distance myself from the other.

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