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No Worries!

Do you know that there is literally no help in worrying? I would say there’s no reason either, but there’s always a cause for our concern, even if we know there’s nothing we can do about it.

If there is something in your life that you cannot change, I encourage you today to let it go. Give it to God and let Him do His work on the situation. I know this is difficult, but your worries are going to be no help in the situation. Just because you think you’re “right” or that your advice might help, doesn’t mean that you should insert yourself into the situation.

Maybe it’s time to pull back. Maybe if you gave less of yourself and more to the One who’s trying to direct your path, you’d start to see that the worries and concerns lie only on the surface of the situation. Deep down, it’s all getting worked out, it’s just not happening as quickly as we’d like for it to.

Let me ask you this. If you were to not worry for just a bit, do you think the situation would seem better or worse? Do you think that, if you took your eyes off of that very situation for just a few moments, that things would get worse? I think not!

So why don’t you try that today. Take a step back. Remove yourself from the line of fire, take your heart back and refocus your mind on what you know to be true. Then pray that God does what He does best in the situation. Give it to Him and be thankful for His leadership. After all, isn’t this His baby anyway?

Hope this helps someone today!


There are moments when the answers seem so obvious, yet we choose to do the opposite. We often choose to follow our feelings versus the direction in which we’re being led.

Every day we have a choice to be ruled by our feelings or take charge over them. We may have a momentary breakdown, a “pity party” if you must, but we cannot stay there. For our own health, for our future despite our current situations, we mustn’t waller in what’s lost.

Stop thinking about what you don’t have or what is gone and turn your focus to what is here, what is true and what you can make of the situation you have right now. It isn’t about what is no longer present in your life, it’s about what you have to give right where you’re at. You have the chance to give your all no matter how difficult the circumstances.

You can’t lay low and let the world go on without you — you’re too important! You DO make a difference. Don’t be a product of your circumstances but rise above, take hold of your feelings so that they no longer dictate your days.

This is your chance to do what you do best. You are at this point, now what you do next determines where you’ll go from here. Don’t worry so much about the difficulty of the journey, just know that you will be able to handle it. The hard times will pass and you will come out ahead but only if you put first things first. One step at a time. You are stronger than you let yourself believe sometimes.

Whoever this is speaking to this morning, I pray that your every breathe today and moving forward is filled with warmth, confidence and the ability to decipher between what’s real and what is simply a “feeling” that you can choose to get past. Don’t reflect on what has passed at this moment, only look forward because it is the direction you are to go.

Is It Really That Bad?

Is it really as bad as we make it out to be? Is life really that difficult or are there just times that what we don’t understand begins to consume our thoughts?

I often wonder about those times when I was really struggling…what if I were to have taken all the worries, all of the “what if’s” and all of the bad feelings and put them in their place. Would I have come out ahead any quicker? Would it [the hard times] have ended any sooner?

There are so many times when we’re hurting and all we know to do in those moments is hurt. What if we try to feel something different? What if we try to worry less about the feelings altogether and focus on what’s next. If we carefully thought out our next move rather than huddling behind our feelings, do you think our difficult times might soon begin to be a little easier?

This week I feel like I’ve been speaking to the struggling; those who are going through a time in their life that they just wish was over. Know that I’m praying for you friends. I know it’s not easy but it definitely could be worse. There is such a bright future ahead and now is the time to turn your focus towards that. Don’t turn back or wonder what you could have done different because all you have is every step you make moving forward. Place your eyes upon the prize which is a life full of love, happiness and blessings in abundance. If you know that is what’s next, why would you ever look back?

You were meant for more than this moment.

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You and Your Nemesis

I honestly don’t know why this is on my mind this morning and I’m not sure who it’s for, but it is for one of you so I have to share…

There are some people in your life that you could quite honestly live without. I mean, let’s be honest, you can’t stand them; the very thought of them makes you cringe. You hear their name and you automatically have a rebuttal to whatever it is that they’ve said or done, even if it’s nothing at all. So admit it, if I’m talking to you, that this person is probably someone you will never be “friends” with.

Now that I have your attention, I need you to listen and really HEAR what it is that I’m going to say to you this morning. This person is in your life for a reason. Regardless of how rude they are to you, what they’ve done to turn you off or how bad you just wish you could avoid them at all costs, they are in your life to serve some purpose. And don’t try to turn it around like maybe they are the one who should learn from you. I truly believe that these types of “unhealthy” relationships can be very healthy in the long run if we stop, take a step back and assess.

Please keep reading…

Often times the very things that drive us crazy about someone are the qualities we carry within ourselves that only others are noticing. Ouch! That’s truth speaking there ladies and gentlemen.

Hear me out…

In order for us to grow in our lives, to become better people, more productive employees, the best we can be in the roles we have in life, we MUST learn from every situation, every person, every good, bad and ugly thing that we encounter.

I want you to start thinking about this person in a different light. Today, I want you to find some qualities about this person that you find admirable and learn from them. I don’t want you to focus on their faults, their poor approach or negative responses. Nope, not this time. today and moving forward, I want you to look beyond where this relationship has gone and I want you to choose a different step today than you would have in the past. Today you will be the bigger person and you will continue to until one day, that relationship isn’t so strained.

I believe with my whole heart that these opposing forces between the two of you are acting like a magnet. They are drawing you closer together but in such a way that you’re moving about this way and that, furiously trying to part. When if you would just turn around – connecting the right end to end – you might just be stronger…a force to reckon with!

You have something to learn from this person. Maybe they are very good at some things that you struggle with. Maybe they push you harder than you like to work. Maybe they even challenge you when you are just happy being complacent. It’s time to shake things up a bit. Step out of your comfort zone and make a few changes. The only way you’re going to make a significant impact on this world is to learn to get along with others and learn the value that you can have on each other’s life.

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Just a friendly reminder…

Every now and then we all need a little reminder as to why we’re here, why we do what we do and how we can get back on track.

You see, it’s easy to start letting everything around us take our attention. The little thief is there, stealing our thoughts, whispering in our ear and determining our feelings has been guiding our paths for too long. It’s time to refocus, to get back in the game and to see all that we can do right where we’re at.

Stop worrying about all those around you – what they’re doing wrong, how much time they’re putting in and what we think they should do different. Let’s bring this back to YOU now. Why are you here in the first place? My guess is because you want to make a difference. Guess what? I believe you can, God knows you can because He gave you all the skills you need to do so, now it’s up to you to put it into action.

Don’t feel bad that you went astray for a bit. Just use that to fuel your passion even more. All you can deal with is what you have right now and where you are headed from there.

I am confident that today is going to be a good day for you. You have what it takes to make a difference in so many lives but you have to believe it too. You have to make the choice to work harder, put first things first and desire the end result so much so, that you will feel as if you can accomplish anything.

My desire for you today is to become all that you have inside of you to be, that you stop worrying about everyone and everything else around you and that you honor the position God has called you to be in, right where you are now. You have so much potential. Now prove it!

Happy Friday!

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