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Written for a friend

We never know what’s in store for us until it arrives. It may arrive as a tiny, little package wrapped in a bow or a shoebox full of cards. We may open a door only to find what we hoped for was lost or what we had, now gone. Happy or sad, trial or triumph, we must remember it’s all for our good.

We’ll never understand the reason behind everything, but someone will. Someday all of the reasons we’ve gone through tribulation in our lives will make sense. For out of our troubles often come blessings for others. In our weakness, somehow others find strength.

Life isn’t going to be easy every single day, but it can be a blessing. It’s all in how you look at each situation, each moment, each battle. Your reaction to them all is what others will see. It is through your strength that others will begin to see light in the darkness.

I am blessed to have some amazing people in my life who truly believe in taking ahold of what life has handed them, regardless of what it is. They take it, deal with it and eventually, move on. Enjoying the journey along the way is what makes the hard times less difficult. When they arrive, it’s almost as if we feel prepared.

I am thankful for my life; for both the difficult moments as well as the easy times. Both are equally as beautiful in the eyes of another. When one moment passes, another comes along, day in and day out. I often wonder what the breeze will blow in next, then it comes. I don’t think I’m ready. Then I pray. I’ve been preparing, not knowing what I was in preparation for. It’s here and I’m not frightened. He brought me to it, now He’ll see me through it. All the moments seem to collide now. A fresh wound on my skin. But it doesn’t hurt. I feel confident it will heal. It’s just a bruise, it will go away. Oh how I never thought this would be me, but there’s no one else it could be. I’m strong. I’m confident. I have faith. I have hope. I have love. God, l may not have asked for this; I do not wish for this, but I accept this. My strength and Your power will shine through this. Why me God? Because You know I can handle this. You are my strength, my light, my hope. All the moments, they come together. I smile. Oh the moments. I smile again. How can I help but smile? You know me so well. I’m here. I’ve got this. I’ll show this world who’s boss.

What mistakes?

We make mistakes; some of us more than we’d like to admit. If you were to take everything you’ve learned from these mistakes and put them in a box, how large would it be? Could you fill a suitcase? A house? A museum? That many huh?

Let’s think about that for a second.

Mistakes = lessons learned

If you’re making mistakes, you’re learning. If you’re learning, you’re growing and if your growing you’re still making progress. Feeling better about you’re museum of mistakes yet? Would you really be where you are now if you had made the “right” choice in the very beginning? I know I wouldn’t. If I would have done everything the way I was “supposed to” I would be no where near where I am today. Guess what? I’m pretty happy with where I am today!

So how about focusing less on what you’ve done wrong and think about what you’ve learned from making the less favorable decision. We mustn’t judge our choices by everyone else’s standards. Look at what you have and feel blessed. Learn lessons along the way. And always, always always know that what is most important is that you continue striving to be your best self.

The little (or big) things you learn along the way are what change all the “mistakes” into lessons. Don’t beat yourself up and certainly don’t judge others in their journey. Simply know that our paths can lead us somewhere amazing, even if we don’t make the popular choice, the right choice, the decision everyone else thinks we should make. For out of our lessons will come blessings.

There is a reason…

Do you ever wonder why certain relationships come to be? We meet people day in and day out, sometimes not making a connection as to why they crossed our paths until years later. When we come to the realization that the connection was meant to be, it’s a rewarding, comforting and sometimes, very emotional experience.

I have been fortunate in my life, to be introduced to some amazing people. Each are uniquely different and special in their own way. Our lives intertwine on some occasions, later in life, while others simmer for years, only to deliver strength during in difficult times.

I wake up this morning feeling so totally blessed to have had the opportunity to see so many new faces, hear many new voices and share so many great experiences with wonderful people in my 34 years.

Every morning I pray that I can be a blessing to others. I think that’s my purpose. But then again, isn’t it everyone’s purpose?

Today I want you to think about those relationships, however significant or insignificant they seem. Be thankful. We were brought to one another for a reason. Maybe you don’t see it but that just means the other person will.

Remember as you cross paths with both old and new faces, that these moments matter.

These people matter.

You matter.

Friendship: Quality vs. Quantity

It isn’t about how many friends you have, it’s about the quality of the relationships that matter. If you can go months without seeing someone, pick up right where you left off and know that when you need them they’ll be there…you know you have found a friend for life.

We all get busy, wrapped up in everyday things. Challenges arise and our focus remains on the situation. Those who are true friends will need no explanation, no apology, no forgiveness.

Understanding, trusting, believing and loving are qualities of these types of friends. You may have one, you may have a dozen but remember this…each one is worth their weight in gold. If you are blessed with these friendships then go out and be a blessing.

We all need more time to catch up, to connect, to laugh together but it isn’t about the quantity of time either. It’s what you do with what little time you have. Don’t forget to reach out from time to time, nurture your relationships and say I love you.

I am so very thankful for my friends.


The Challenge for Today’s Teens

Teens today are issued a challenge. I worry; not just about mine but about them all. The challenge involves one another – the way we treat, show respect for and have love for each other.

I remember that time in my life vividly. Having to choose this friend or that to make another happy. Being honest was “my thing” but honesty wasn’t what was popular. Who were we then? I know I was very much the same at heart, but my desire to “fit in” sometimes got in the way.

I’ve always wanted everyone to like me, I still do for that matter. But today, as an adult and a parent, that has changed.

I want more.

I want more for me back then but I wouldn’t change a thing that got me to where I am now.

I want more for my daughter because she’s already got the best pieces of me, far before I ever did.

I want more for the teens of this world because they are our future.

Nothing is going to come easy. It’s going to require change, perseverance, a humble spirit, trust, love and patience.

Can I tell you a secret?

It’s a really important one…

That change starts right there in your home, in your life, in your mind. The only way we can see a bright future for our children is to change OUR perspective; set a good example. As gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Want better for you kids? Then you’ve got to be better for them first. Stop the name calling, the finger pointing, the blame game, the “why me”. Focus on the positive, stop judging others, start believing in something, and for goodness sakes, stop the cussing and put down your middle finger! If you want to raise good children, you have to be a good parent. If you want to see change in the world, you have to realize it starts within you.

I remember wanting to fit in. I remember at one point I did. Want to know what I want for my daughter right now? I don’t want her to fit in. I want her to stand out.

So teens today…they’re facing a challenge. You have to decide, are you part of the problem or the solution?


Believe it or not, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.  Don’t believe me?  Then ask yourself this question:

“If I wasn’t here, where would I be?”

It isn’t hard to understand that how you got to where you are is a direct result of your actions.

If you want something, you have to take action.  Everything that is truly worth it will require time and action on your part.  You can’t expect something to fall in your lap without having to either 1. Do something for it or 2. Do something to keep it.  In many cases, both.

For me, I pray.  God answers; not always in the way that I may have asked for, but in His way, He answers.

He knows what’s best.

Sometimes things, people, opportunities are brought to me out of no where.  I don’t always know what to do with them but if I am confident in God’s abilities, I will pray that He shows me why – whatever/whoever it is – has become a part of my life.

Other times, He brings us to things but then it’s up to us to take the action.

We’ve all been at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn.  I know many people who either aren’t Christian or just don’t have a relationship with God that have been at that very spot and have made exactly the right choice.  Some faithful believers may ask, “How?”  Others know that the answer lies within us all.

God placed himself upon our hearts before we were even alive.  He made a plan for our lives that He guides us to in small and even BIG ways.  Making the right choice at the right time or the wrong choice at the right time or the right choice at the wrong time all comes down to one thing — what we are doing with that feeling inside.  That “gut feeling” that tells us what’s right and what’s wrong.  That “little voice” inside our head that whispers to us in the darkest moments, guides us when we need it most and answers us when we didn’t even know we had a question.

Not everyone knows that is God.  Me? I believe it is.

I don’t feel alone – ever – because when I search for something, I often find it right inside myself.  God places it there when I need it.

So you see, you do have the answers you need.  It’s much more simple than you ever would have expected.  Sometimes the action that needs to be taken is something HUGE, other times, our action is to wait.  Believe.  Hope.  Trust.  Have faith.

Last night at church, we talked about prayer circles.  One of the notes that I took was simple.  It says this:

desire vs. need

Hmmmm….what does that say to you?  To me, it means that I must learn to distinguish between what is my humanly desire versus what I actually need.  God knows our desires but He also knows what we need.  That’s why when you pray for something, it doesn’t always come out exactly like you have been praying for.  God is answering; He’s just not giving you exactly the answer you expected.  He’s giving you what you need.

So you see, it all boils down to this profound statement that God put on my heart last night.  I wrote it down, not knowing when or how I would use it.  Now seems like a good time!

God has you right where He wants you.  Now where do you want Him?

He belongs in the center, where He placed Himself, before you even knew He was there.  Let Him lead you from within; because without, every decision, every choice, every move will be…


Only you can finish that sentence.  You know the answer.


You Decide

I truly believe that there are times we focus so much on what’s going on around us, that we fail to see what’s directly in front of us.

Do you find that to be the case in your life?

Be honest.  Is there something that you wished you had noticed sooner – with your husband, your wife, children, family, friends?

Are you creating moments, or are you missing out on them because something else has your attention?

Here’s the thing to remember…we may be in this world but we are not of this world.  We are affected by the many things going on in our cities, our states, country, world – HOWEVER – we  should not to succumb to ignorance in our own lives in order to understand what’s going on with another’s.

Be informed –  but don’t let it consume you.

At this very moment, what can you do about the gas prices?

What about that person who is tailgating you?

How about the dozens of wrongdoings in our city alone, monopolizing the news first thing in the morning or last at night?

Each of these things are different.  Some with more weight on them than others, but equally as thought consuming…if we let them be.

Is there anything you can do about it this morning?  What about this evening?  Tomorrow?

How about your attitude right now?  Are you letting yourself be affected by gas prices, even though you still need to fill up your tank? How about that idiot driver?  (sorry, sometimes you just have to say it!)  If you let them take your mood, they win!  Do you really want that?

Then there’s the last thing…a bit more complex and significant to many, however, equally as thought consuming.  We can work for change in our communities.  We can fight for issues that are taking a hold of our next generation.  We can argue with one another on topics that we’re passionate about.  AND we can stand against these wrongdoings – share our ideas, our thoughts and our feelings.  When do we lose?  We lose when we let these things take control.  When we lose sight of the very things that are right in front of us.

Sometimes the greatest change begins right here, right now, within ourselves.  Want better for your family?  Do right by them.  Set a good example.  Don’t give them the impression that everything else is more important than they are.  Make a difference in your own home, then you will have a larger army to stand beside you, when you need it most.

You’ll never get today back.

You’ll never be able to relive yesterday.

You can’t make a choice for someone.

You can’t think for another.

Stop feeling like the world is against you and get it to work for you.

How can you do this?

It’s simple.

Stop letting it control your mind!  Don’t give it half the attention you do, but simply learn what information you need, act appropriately if action is needed and then see what you can do first inside yourself before trying to get into the mind of someone else.

Complaining won’t fix a thing.  I promise!  Going to the clerk and telling them how you just can’t believe the price is so high for a gallon of gas will not change the price – it is what it is.  You know what?  That clerk has to pay for the same gas you do to get to work to listen to someone complain about something they already know.

Can they change it for you? NO!  So why are you talking about it?

My challenge to you today is this – decide where your focus should be and KEEP IT THERE!  Don’t let another’s treatment of you determine how you feel about yourself.  Don’t let a situation you can’t change affect your mood the rest of the day.  And certainly don’t let the actions of your past make you feel like you can’t make a difference choice today.

You have a choice – to be or not to be.  That really is the question!

Do you want to be happy, pleasant and a blessing to others or not?

You decide!



I Said “Good Morning!”

Seems simple, right? Saying “Good Morning!” to someone.   What if that person is a total stranger…would you reach out as eagerly?

Well, this morning I decided that I was going to do just that…say those two words to someone I’ve never met.

I see her often, arriving at work about the same time as I do.  We’re very different – in the way we look, the way we dress and I’m sure, countless other ways.  However, our differences don’t necessarily mean that we shouldn’t connect, or couldn’t for that matter.

So, I got out of my car, wrestling with the decision as to whether or not I would actually do it.  I mean, seriously, there shouldn’t be a lot of thought going into such a small gesture.  But for me, there was.

If she were to walk too far ahead, I wouldn’t do it.

I just happened to be able to walk fast enough that I was passing her on the right. She was looking at her phone so it seemed like it might be a little awkward.

It was.  But cheerfully, I said, “Good morning!”

You know what she said?

“Good morning!”

AND, she had a smile on her face.  I’ve never seen her smile in all the mornings that I’ve passed her coming in.  Although it could have just been a nice gesture on her part to smile back – regardless – she did it.

I felt good.  Not like I had climbed a mountain, but like I had done what I had set out to do.  Make someone smile.  A total stranger at that.  Maybe one day I’ll hang up-side-down from a tree like Robin Williams did in Patch Adams and say “HI!”

The reason I’m sharing this simple thought with you is because two words can be so profound in the eyes of another.  Reaching out to someone just to wish them a good day can be the most positive thing that has happened to them in a long time.

Even though we’re different, we’re much in the same.  We need love, respect and positive. human interaction to fulfill a deeper need that many of us will never understand.

I started this morning off with a post on Facebook that said:

“We have become so distanced from one another that we begin to see our differences rather than our similarities. We now focus on the bad before the good. Why must we point out the things that we dislike so that we are no longer able to see the very things that connected us in the first place? We will never agree on everything. We will never make the same choices in life. We are all different–unique in our beliefs, our lifestyles, our choices, our hobbies, our personalities–yet we want everyone to feel and believe as we do. It’s never too late to accept one another on your own accord; to know that your differences don’t have to separate, but can help you appreciate. Love one another for the good qualities, focus less on the bad. So many people are experiencing this in their life. If you are as well, you’re not alone. Every relationship has the potential to be in this very spot. It’s up to you whether or not you want it to stay there. Make a choice for the better. Start over today. After all, it’s Monday…a fresh start to a new week, a new month and what could be a great time in your relationships. Have a great day everyone!”

In closing, I want to say one more thing to each of you — GOOD MORNING!  Despite your differences in whatever it is, reach out to someone today.  You’ll be glad you did!




What am I doing?

I couldn’t even tell you what I’m doing at the moment…other than trying to figure out what I’m doing! I’ve written since I was about 10 years old.  It started with poems – some long, some short – then went on to just writing about topics.  Topics always were things that I was going through.  I mean, how can you write about something that you know nothing about?

I don’t claim to be an expert – in anything.  However, I understand that we are able to take something valuable from each trial and tribulation we experience.  Life isn’t easy.  We all struggle at some point or another.  Some of the things that I’ve dealt with are going to be very different than some of you.  However, my hope is that with this blog, I am able to help you in some way, shape or form.  I pray that the words that make it to this page are those that someonesomewhere needs to hear.

God has been good to me.  I don’t deserve it.  I haven’t always had Him at the center of my life and often times, I still don’t.  It’s a constant battle between life, here on earth, and life everlasting.

God saved me.

Plain and simple.

He took me from where I was, to where I am now and #IAMTHANKFUL.

My life isn’t perfect but it is for me.  I am so blessed to have come so far.  I know that I have a lot yet to learn, but I’m confident that with each new day, comes a unique opportunity to share inspirational words, to say “I love you” and to just make people smile.

I hope that when you read this, you know that there is more for you.  God has a plan for us all HOWEVER it is always in His time.  Stop trying to rush through everything and cram a year into one day.  Before you know it, time on earth will be over and you will have wondered, What did I accomplish?

If you start thinking more about what God has for you, what you can do for others and how you can leave your mark on this world, things will come together.  I promise. Stop trying to plan your every move.  Know that you won’t always have a clear picture of the end result when you step forward.  Trust that God is in control and give it all to Him so that He can be.

Hope this was good for a first post!  Happy Saturday everyone!

xoxo ~Amy