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Running the mile

I often want what I’ve done to mean something and make a significant difference in another’s life. Recently I started summer school and in Physical Education we are required to run a mile every Wednesday. Today was the first Wednesday… I had to run a mile. Even though I finished in the time that the state considers “Healthy” I was not satisfied with my results. I knew a few friends who sought better times as well. My time yesterday was 11:15 and throughout the day I was thinking about what I could do to condition myself for my goal of running a mile in less than 10 minutes. However, I had promised my best friend (who sought to improve her time from 14 to 12 minutes) that I’d stick by her side the following miles. After putting some thought into it I found that in order for us both to reach our goals, we were going to have to motivate each other. That evening I sent her a text saying, “Hey, you’re going to run that mile in 12 minutes, I’m committed and we aren’t going to give up.” So tomorrow, Friday, the following week, and the two weeks after that we are going to practice our endurance and we are going to push each other. We both have our goals in mind and we’ll reach them alongside each other. You can make a difference in another person’s life. It doesn’t have to be something huge. It might just be a smile, but you will be forever changed knowing that you helped them out.
Challenge: If you know someone who could use a little extra attention, go fill their gap with an act of generosity. (Notice generosity is different than an act of kindness.) J

Happiness is something you work for…

This week has been an eye opener for sure. I’ve realized so many things, but of the most important I’ve realized that happiness is something that you may have to work for. Being unhappy is no way to live. Sometimes your situation grows steadily worse, but you have the power to reverse them. A wise woman (my momma) once told me, in relationships you either grow together, in the opposite directions, or in some cases one of you doesn’t grow at all. It’s a tough boat to be in when someone you love doesn’t appreciate the good that you are. Don’t settle for being under appreciated and unhappy. It may be a bumpy road, but don’t forget there is a light at the end of tunnel. It’s your life and you’ve got to do what makes you feel happy. You’ve got to live it up!

Challenge: Be happy. Have such a positive attitude that everyone around you feels just as wonderful!

Weekday lesson in a nutshell…

Comprised of notes from Nick Katz sermon: June 8, 2016

Too often in this world we are met with such large social, emotional, and sometimes physical pressures. It leaves us wondering, “If only I had done this… If only this didn’t happen… If only I could have gone back.” Because you’re tired of being hurt, you wish for a change that’ll leave you happy once again. You fault God because he left you feeling this way. Rather than defying this world as God had planned, you turn on Him. The bible mentions exactly HOW to obey the Father, but it doesn’t tell us how to defy the rest of the world. There’s no instruction booklet on what to do when you’re falling under the pressures on the internet or at school. The truth is, it’s not easy and you’ll fall off the wagon once in awhile. However, you’ve got to get right back up there! You can get right back up there! You have power that is far stronger than you believe. When you fully commit to Jesus, he promises to stay by your side 100% of the time. What some people overlook though is that he doesn’t promise that you’ll be happy every single day or night, hour or minute. God gives you what he knows you can handle, even though you may be doubtful. The only way to defy the lies of “If Only,” the internet, or those mean girls/guys at school is to trust in Him. Instead of wishing for a different situation, pray for the strength to get through your current one. Instead of building your life around Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, build it upon Jesus. Happiness develops as a byproduct of Jesus. Have GREAT FAITH and rely on your strength through God to get you through the hardships.
Challenge: Think of the issues you struggle with in life. Ask God to give you the strength, motivation, and the courage to get through them. Do your part to work alongside Him to reach your goal or need.

Be an Intentional Listener

Too often we find ourselves frustrated and ill-tempered, yet all we need is someone to talk to. We need someone to pay attention, to listen, and to give advice when necessary. Maybe you have that person already, yet they don’t seem to actually care about your issues and only interject when they want to end the conversation. Maybe you ARE the listener that only interjects when you are tired of hearing their problems. Either way, notice that those who seek a listener are truly hurting, and you can be part of the healing process. Stephen R. Covey once said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Be intentional when you listen, because there are people who depend on an effective listener.
Challenge: Notice when someone is struggling and be their intentional listener. Give them advice to help their situation.

Get Un-Distracted

I know that everyone would love the summer off to just stop working for a while and relax, however it just seems impossible for some people to even find 10 minutes alone and away from distractions. Free time to regain energy and relax is just as important as finishing that last activity at work. Without time to rest and unwind from daily stresses you can become even more overworked than you felt the day before. Events may seem never ending, and it may seem unpractical to squeeze in 5 or 10 minutes to just “chill out”. However you need it so don’t forget it!
Challenge: Designate at least 10 minutes of your day to yourself for relaxation and to forget about all of the distractions.

Be respectful

Growing up, I have learned many things. Among my favorites is how to act in public… properly. While there may not be a specific way to walk or talk, there are ways to act mature. Being in high school I have realized how disrespectful some students have grown to be; students who will one day grow to be adults. Not only do I hear multiple arguments, curse words, and just plain rude conversations coming from students, I hear them from grown adults as well. When did society decide it was okay for one to publicly humiliate another, or shout curse words without anyone cringing? One of the most valuable qualities one can possess is having respect for yourself and others. Sadly, along the way people seem to have lost this quality and it should be brought back and enforced more often than not. It doesn’t take many for another person to catch on. Display and encourage respect to those around you and more will catch on to the idea! I hope you all find ways to implement your next challenge and have a fantastic week!

Challenge: Display respectful qualities to everyone, even those who get on your nerves sometimes 😉

What’s your superpower?

As children we all dreamt of having super powers. We wanted to fly, be invisible, or d0 anything to take out the villains in this world. There were people we looked up to, and still to this day we admire them. Maybe your superhero is Spiderman, Cat Woman, or your mom/dad. Whatever the case, they possess a quality that you have always loved. The truth is though, that you all possess a quality that you may not even realize. You never go unnoticed. You might read that and think, “She’s crazy.” Unfortunately we live in such a prejudice society that everyone is seen and automatic assumptions are made. You see, with all the judgmental people out there, you are able to hold the greatest superpower. The power to be seen. With that comes great responsibility. You don’t want to be that person people look at and think, “Wow, have they ever heard of a shower? OR Wow, that is no way to talk to a co-worker.” You can take this negatively, or you can embrace your new found ability. Show those around the polite, courteous, compassionate, and clean 😉 person you truly are. Maybe some will catch on and you’ll be their hero!
Challenge: Embrace the power to be seen! Don’t let others dull your sparkle, and display the great qualities that you have.