Strengthen Relationships

The most valuable relationships, objects, or possessions dwindle and fade because people have stopped caring. We have stopped focusing on what we have/need and we’ve turned to everything we want. That friend that has helped you through so much is no longer so easy to contact. Relationships are slowly fading away because “you are too busy to keep in touch”. That hand-me-down clock that’s been passed through the family no longer ticks because it broke and was later replaced with everyone’s new Fitbit that acts as a watch and step counter. When life gets busy, it’s important to remember who and what matters most. It shouldn’t matter what will make your commute the easiest whether that be dropping great friendships or purchasing the latest technology. Strengthen those relationships that have grown weak. Take care of the rocking chair that’s been passed down for generations. Focus on the things that make you different from the “trending” world. It isn’t a bad thing to stay an old school kind of cool!
Challenge: Work on weakened relationships. Have meaningful items dusted and put on display in your home to remind you of their value.

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