Weekday lesson in a nutshell…

Comprised of notes from Nick Katz sermon: June 8, 2016

Too often in this world we are met with such large social, emotional, and sometimes physical pressures. It leaves us wondering, “If only I had done this… If only this didn’t happen… If only I could have gone back.” Because you’re tired of being hurt, you wish for a change that’ll leave you happy once again. You fault God because he left you feeling this way. Rather than defying this world as God had planned, you turn on Him. The bible mentions exactly HOW to obey the Father, but it doesn’t tell us how to defy the rest of the world. There’s no instruction booklet on what to do when you’re falling under the pressures on the internet or at school. The truth is, it’s not easy and you’ll fall off the wagon once in awhile. However, you’ve got to get right back up there! You can get right back up there! You have power that is far stronger than you believe. When you fully commit to Jesus, he promises to stay by your side 100% of the time. What some people overlook though is that he doesn’t promise that you’ll be happy every single day or night, hour or minute. God gives you what he knows you can handle, even though you may be doubtful. The only way to defy the lies of “If Only,” the internet, or those mean girls/guys at school is to trust in Him. Instead of wishing for a different situation, pray for the strength to get through your current one. Instead of building your life around Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, build it upon Jesus. Happiness develops as a byproduct of Jesus. Have GREAT FAITH and rely on your strength through God to get you through the hardships.
Challenge: Think of the issues you struggle with in life. Ask God to give you the strength, motivation, and the courage to get through them. Do your part to work alongside Him to reach your goal or need.

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