Happiness is something you work for…

This week has been an eye opener for sure. I’ve realized so many things, but of the most important I’ve realized that happiness is something that you may have to work for. Being unhappy is no way to live. Sometimes your situation grows steadily worse, but you have the power to reverse them. A wise woman (my momma) once told me, in relationships you either grow together, in the opposite directions, or in some cases one of you doesn’t grow at all. It’s a tough boat to be in when someone you love doesn’t appreciate the good that you are. Don’t settle for being under appreciated and unhappy. It may be a bumpy road, but don’t forget there is a light at the end of tunnel. It’s your life and you’ve got to do what makes you feel happy. You’ve got to live it up!

Challenge: Be happy. Have such a positive attitude that everyone around you feels just as wonderful!

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