Be respectful

Growing up, I have learned many things. Among my favorites is how to act in public… properly. While there may not be a specific way to walk or talk, there are ways to act mature. Being in high school I have realized how disrespectful some students have grown to be; students who will one day grow to be adults. Not only do I hear multiple arguments, curse words, and just plain rude conversations coming from students, I hear them from grown adults as well. When did society decide it was okay for one to publicly humiliate another, or shout curse words without anyone cringing? One of the most valuable qualities one can possess is having respect for yourself and others. Sadly, along the way people seem to have lost this quality and it should be brought back and enforced more often than not. It doesn’t take many for another person to catch on. Display and encourage respect to those around you and more will catch on to the idea! I hope you all find ways to implement your next challenge and have a fantastic week!

Challenge: Display respectful qualities to everyone, even those who get on your nerves sometimes 😉

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